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Mark Mark Production

Markmark Productions; founded in 1990 is one of Britain’s leading festival and street theatre companies.

As well as creating their own shows they also work on commissions and workshops from primary level to professional actors in training.

Markmark regularly animate our outdoor events in Barnsley with their hilarious comedy and pop up performances. We will be working with them over the next few years to develop more work in partnership and an exciting programme of participatory workshops.

Cross The Sky

Cross The Sky is our integrated theatre company based here at The Civic. The company is made up of actors with learning and physical disabilities and co-ordinated for us by three specialist artists.

By using a wide spectrum of art forms the company write and perform original songs and devise their own visual and theatre work that is exciting to watch.

The group draw on personal experiences as their inspiration and work towards a new show to tour approximately every two years.

To find out more & how to join Cross the Sky you can contact [email protected]

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