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Exhibitions which are running throughout 2021 and the Spring of 2022 are part of our No Boundaries season!

No Boundaries is a yearlong programme of consultation, performance, exhibitions, commissions and artist development opportunities for artists with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds. 

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28 May - 26 June 2022 (Main Gallery)

Land Marks is a new exhibition from artist Diana Terry. The project is inspired by the local quarries and mines in West Yorkshire, drawing on stories of when these sites were part of primary industry created during the industrial revolution. She compares the physical scars on the natural landscape with their current rewilded state. It is this rewilding of quarries that fascinates Terry as she is keen to stimulate conversations on belonging, leading to a greater understanding of who we are and contributing to climate change debate; as some of these rewilded areas are once again under threat from further development.

Following two years of research, production and collaboration using painting, printmaking and sculpture, Terry has created a body of work demonstrating how returning to craft and physical making can inform our understanding of place. Terry is keen to engage with people from the local area and specifically her fellow deaf community. BSL and other interpretations will be available during the exhibition.



9 July - 3 September 2022 (Main Gallery)

An exhibition by Harley Roberts, Sam Batley, Sean O’Connell and Sam Horton. All born and bred in Barnsley, hailing from the area’s post-industrial and ex mining communities.

The works are a depiction of experiences: important anguish of youth and the search for identity in millennial wastelands of a bygone era.

Executed through painting, photography, film, collage, music and poetry, the work highlights the uncomfortable truths of existence. This is not a lifestyle choice nor an aesthetic.

The exhibition is raw and confrontational, beautifully stitched with friendship, community, family, love and recovery. A form of expression, freeing from the tensional expectancy of masculinity.


9 July - 3 September 2022 (Panorama)

One Day At A Time Boys is based at Damien John Kelly House a recovery living centre in Wavertree, Liverpool. Through photography, art and writing groups, residents document their culture and personal recovery. By embracing recovery values of open-mindedness, willingness and honesty in a creative setting, this allows for a robust and diverse recovery.



10 September - 10 November 2022

We are collaborating with Art of Ping Pong to exhibit and auction off an exclusive collection of unique hand-crafted ping pong paddles designed by a selection of contemporary and well-loved artists.

As well as raising vital funds for us as a charity, half of the money raised from the auction will be granted to international charity Choose Love, which supports refugees and displaced people across the world. 

Artists include: Claudia Chanoi | Kate Kibb | Yehrin Tong | Alexander White | Lesley Barnes | Marylou Faure | Kris Andrew Small | Ghizlan El Glaoui | Jamie Reid | Zandra Rhodes | Richie Culver | Matty Bovan | Sam Shendi | Aida Wilde | Jo Peel | Craig Oldham | Harold Offeh | Morag Myerscough | Tony Heaton | Michael Steer | Patrick Murphy | Nelson Woodward | Harley Roberts | Lynne Barker | Caroline Cardus | Jenny Beard | Fiona Stephenson | Dean Ormston | Rosanna Webster

More info soon… 


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Perfect Imperfects

20 May – 17 July

Location: Gallery 

We are excited to welcome one of the UK’s rising stars and coolest new talents – award-winning artist Jasper Pedyo, for a major exhibition in his adopted hometown.

This young Zimbabwean artist whose family fled to Britain after political persecution put their lives at risk, has already won the prestigious 2018 Free Range exhibition prize in London for his striking mixed media paintings which feature a bold use of binary colours on stretched and shaped canvases.

Jasper graduated from Leeds Arts University in 2018 with a BA Hons. in Fine Art. He was the overall winner at the Free-range graduate show at the Truman Brewery selected by a panel of industry experts. He was also the critic’s choice graduate for the Financial Times.

Jasper’s paintings are highly influenced by the philosophy of Alexander Baumgarten, who coined the term ‘aesthetics’ in 1735. Aestheticism, to Jasper, is very important. Whilst combining influences from Pop Art and minimalism they “intend to provide viewer with an environment of visual bliss; the work’s purpose is to be experienced solely with an instinctive and physical response to its structure, colour, and surrounding space.”

Jasper has visited the gallery from a very young age and it’s great to see how his practice has developed over those years. We feel that Jasper has one of the most outstanding bodies of work that we have encountered and are thrilled it has been produced by an artist working only a few miles from the gallery door.

This young artist’s entire body of work is to be exhibited, alongside newly created works.

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