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Coming soon to Barnsley Civic, a new exhibition, showcasing art and design created in the community.

This community project brought together diverse and disparate groups; Feels Like Home, Chilypep, Trans Barnsley, Creative Recovery and Barnsley College to explore the art and design of objects associated with communal food sharing.

Guided by local artists, ceramicist Moz Khokhar and illustrator/surface pattern designer Ellie Mae Fisher, artists and groups collaborated to create designs for mugs, tea towels and tablecloths.

Inspired by the project, students on L3 Foundation and Fine Art Degree courses also created designs for placemats and tea towels, as well as decorative artworks, including ceramic fruits and paintings.

This new exhibition celebrates the collaborative efforts and creativity of nearly 100 local participants.

In celebration of the project and this exhibition, members from each group will be invited to share a meal together and admire each other’s creations.

Eating Art was a project funded and supported by the Know Your Neighbourhood Fund and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Eating Art is on display in the Gallery at Barnsley Civic between Friday 23 February and Saturday 16 March 2024.

Moz Khokhar with members of Feels Life Home, 2023.

Project artist profile – Moz Knokhar

Moz Khokhar is a ceramicist living and working in Barnsley.

He is also known to many young people and artists in Barnsley as a teacher at Barnsley College, currently teaching the Fine Art Practice Degree
and ceramics modules for most art and design students.

In the past two decades Moz has explored the geological qualities of his surroundings – His work draws from the fusion of South Asia and South Yorkshire within his multicultural upbringing.

The resulting work is dictated by the natural elements of earth, fire, and water when fired in reduction where presence or absence of oxygen determines the patternation of glaze on surface.

The dramatic (and sometimes unexpected) variations allow him to produce a diverse range of work that embodies this natural process.

As a ceramicist, Moz’s approach to making is to trust the process, providing a platform to create a hugely varied body of work unconstrained by predictability.

His practice ranges from functional to sculptural ceramics and embraces an extensive range of materials and techniques, including throwing, extruding and slab building combined with the use of natural minerals as colourants.

Over the past fifteen years, Moz has exhibited at Booth House Gallery, Cooper Art Gallery, Sheffield Ceramics Festival, York Art Gallery’s Centre of Ceramic Art, Sheffield Ceramics Festival, is part of the permanent collection at Cannon Hall Museum and makes regular appearances at Art in Clay: International Ceramics Fair.

Ellie Mae Fisher with members of Creative Recovery, 2023.

Project artist profile – Ellie Mae Fisher

Ellie Mae Fisher is a surface pattern design illustrator living and working in Barnsley, and for the past three years she has also been a secondary school art teacher in Doncaster.

For former Barnsley College Art & Design student, Ellie Mae graduated Leeds Art University with a textile degree in 2020. The young designer made her mark with designs that celebrated her northern English heritage and the history of her hometown of Barnsley.

Ellie’s regular produced designs for the Rotherham stately home Wentworth Woodhouse and the German home lifestyle store The British Shop.

Ellie has also exhibited her work at Barnsley Civic and most recently at The Cooper Gallery, Barnsley, as part of The Cooper Prize 2023.

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