Get 40% off when you book 3 family shows this season!  

Since we re-opened back in 2009 we have been passionate about programming shows for local families. We want to inspire and engage young people through the work we programme, and we want to play a part in creating cherished memories between families in Barnsley and beyond.

For any families who are keen to make the most of an offer (and let’s be honest, we all love a good offer) we introduce our Civic Families offer for our Spring/Summer season.

You will get 40% off your order total when you book for 3 of our family shows this season. The main factor here is that all three shows have to be booked at the same time, so in one overall transaction. There are some other T&Cs: 

  • The offer is only valid for our family shows and only for family shows for our Spring/Summer season until June 2022 (excluding Sound Symphony). 
  • The number of tickets has to be the same for all three shows. If you wanted to bring along an extra child or adult to one of the shows, this would paid as an additional cost at the usual ticket price.
  • The 40% will only be taken off the three family shows you book for, so if you have other shows in your basket when you put in your order there will no reduction granted for those shows. 

This offer is automatic at checkout so you don’t need to put in a promo code.