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Artist Residency Programme

As part of the ongoing and exciting transformation of Barnsley Civic we are reinvigorating the ways in which we work with artists with clear and distinct ways that we can offer support to better serve the artist community in Barnsley. Each year we can offer up to up to 2000 hours of free rehearsal space in our Studio Theatre. We offer up to one week’s residency for each Artist or company who is developing new work.

Who can apply for a residency?

We are particularly interested in supporting residency applications from Artists who live/work in the greater Yorkshire region and can demonstrate a desire to:

  • Engage directly with communities in Barnsley and South Yorkshire through realistic, deep connections.
  • Develop work that is inclusive and accessible whilst proactively looking to reach underrepresented communities.
  • Create innovative & high-quality work.

If you are looking to engage directly with the communities around Barnsley but are struggling to find ways to access these, please contact us as we may be able to help you with this.

How to apply for a residency with us:

If you would like to apply for a residency with us, please fill in and submit the form below. Applications will be reviewed monthly and awarded on a first come first serve basis.

If you are looking to include your residency at Barnsley Civic in a funding application for your project, get in touch with Joel our Head of Programme. We are always interested in getting to know you and learn more about you, the projects you have in development and the ways in which we can support Artists.

What will the week look like?

You will have use of our space from 9:00AM – 5:00PM Monday to Friday. Each Tuesday at 9:30AM the whole team will come down to meet you, introduce themselves and find out about the project. Members of the team are also available throughout the week to discuss your project in more depth or to deliver feedback. We also have an Artists Kitchen which is available throughout your residency and a limited number of desks for use, as well as comfy seating on our Panorama for informal meetings.

Studio Theatre info

The studio measures 7m wide by 12m deep. The height from the floor to the hanging fixtures is approximately 2.4m. The Studio has a lot of natural light but with the capability to reach blackout with black surge curtains. There many 13a power sockets situated around the edge of the Studio.

What we ask from you?

We ask that you keep us informed throughout your residency how it is going. We may ask that you deliver some content through our social media channels or to tag us in any content that you create.

We also ask that after the residency you share with us how it has helped you to develop work and to complete a feedback survey.

Please also note that once your offer of space is accepted and agreed upon, any cancellations or changes thereafter may require you to re-apply. We also ask that you endeavour to let us know as soon as possible of any changes so that we can offer the space out to others.


Image Credit: Mariposa by Denada Dance Theatre photo by Emma Kauldhar




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Artist Residency Programme

As part of the ongoing and exciting transformation of Barnsley Civic we are reinvigorating the ways in which we work with artists with clear and distinct ways that we can...

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