The Sonas Circus Family Show

The Sonas Circus Family Show


14 April 2022


All the way from Northern Ireland, Father and Son Martin and Logy take the
traditional circus double act and give it a unique and modern twist. 
This family friendly show contains circus stunts that will make you gasp, juggling
tricks that will surprise you, and magic tricks that will make you go WOW! There
will be shouting, cheering, and lots, and lots of laughing. Top class circus
entertainment, and the two best beards in the business. This show is suitable for
children and adults of all ages. 
‘If you’re looking for a show for the whole family, that mum and dad will also
enjoy, go see this one. Martin and Logy are a hoot, and they can even juggle.’
Glam Adelaide 
‘Martin and Logy are masters at keeping kids gasping and laughing with their
well-rehearsed juggling, catching, throwing and various other things you
shouldn’t try at home’ Metro

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