Family Catwalk Extravaganza

Description: Bring your Glamour, Glitz and Grace and come together in a fabulous celebration of self-expression. Four dancers go head to head in a dance, fashion and lip sync competition in an interactive event where the audience decides the winner. Whether you just want to join in the fun or have a passion to pose, […]

The Bluebird

Description: The Bluebird  A quest for happiness ‘What are you doing, sitting here in darkness? It’s time to let in a little light!’  Join Mary Berylune, a Seer, and her tree spirit, Micky, on their quest to find the elusive bluebird and help unlock its mystery…  What is the bluebird’s secret power and where could […]

Aidy the Awesome by The Gramophones

Description: Aidy is a normal 8 year old girl… or so she thinks! One day she discovers a family secret that changes everything. Aidy and her granny embark on an adventure that turns their world upside down. They even begin to question what normal is. After all, who wants to be normal when you can be […]