A Square World

Description: A Square World is a story of friends who enjoy the same routine day after day, each day is the same until an unexpected change is forced upon just one of them. This accidental happening throws everyone into disarray, the friends are suddenly divided into those who can and the one who can't. The […]


Description: Tinsel is the tale of one little boy who dreams of being the fairy on top of the Christmas tree! He can sing, dance, and wear a sparkly tiara as well as anyone else. But to get to the top, he'll have to convince a whole tree of doubting baubles and naysaying ornaments that […]


Description: What if you were made of wood? What adventures wood you have?! Join us this Christmas for a fresh take on the classic Pinocchio story. Three very funny men seek refuge in a grand but abandoned old house where they gather around an extraordinary dining table that becomes their playground. Grandfather, Father and Son tell […]

The Princess and the Pea

Description: Set in the Museum of Forgotten Things, three musical curators tell the amazing tale of the museums artefacts including the mystery of a little green pea and how it got there. This one hour of fun is packed with humour and memorable songs, including a romp through every type of princess you can imagine, […]