New Work Weekend: Good Blood & Women Wise

New Work Weekend: Good Blood & Women Wise


11 March 2022


Keira Curates New Work Weekend
Barnsley born dance maker Keira Martin has created a weekend of dance exclusively for The Civic. It spotlights work which is a wonderful blend of emotion and humour.
Friday Evening's artists include:
Keira Martin – Good Blood

Good Blood looks closely at the relationship of two sisters. Familiar scenarios are refreshed and brought into focus to shed new light on family ties; the bonds that hold us together and the people that make us.
Keira and Sioda use dance, live music, song and storytelling to bring hilarious, nostalgic and familiar family scenarios to the stage. Their honesty and humour sheds light on the bonds that hold us together, the people that make us who we are and the ties that bind us.
Untold Dance – Women Wise

Women Wise pulls apart the dissects what it is to live with a lack of confidence and low self esteem and how this manifests itself at different stages of a woman's life. From starting our period, to the beginning of the menopause, body dsymorphia, depression, anxiety, ageism and the gender pay gap are a few of what Women Wise explores. Untold Dance Theatre will take you on a journey that any woman is sure to recognise.
This work is performed by an intergenerational female cast aged between 23 and 73 and accompanied by live music.
The programme of work has been supported by Surf The Wave

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