New Work Weekend: Finding Folk & Comrades in the Dark

New Work Weekend: Finding Folk & Comrades in the Dark


12 March 2022


Keira Curates New Work Weekend
Barnsley born dance maker Keira Martin has created a weekend of dance exclusively for The Civic. It spotlights work which is a wonderful blend of emotion and humour.
Phoebe Ophelia – Finding Folk
A rocking chair and a banjo set the scene for a young Lancashire woman's honest struggle and uplifting tale of overcoming poor mental health through finding folk music and dance and how that changed her life.
The work is Phoebe's own personal account of how she overcame the struggles of mental health within a family environment through finding folk dance, music and song.
Caitlin Barnett – Comrades in the Dark

An exhilarating and visceral portrayal of one man's attempt to maintain his identity told through poetry, dance and Irish music.
H Blocks, Belfast. 1981. Bobby Sands embarks on hunger strike in pursuit of political status. On day 66 he dies. Nine other prisoners would die before the strike is called off. Expect raw, pulsating dance, accompanied live by the rhythms of the traditional Irish drum – the bodhrán.
Emerging choreographer Caitlin Barnett presents Comrades in the Dark, a highly physical contemporary dance exploring the brutality and humanity withind Sands' poetry and prose, written in secret behind bars.
Accompanied live by the bodhrán, this socio-politically charged show looks at themes of oppression, resistance and freedom, bringing to the forefront the historic and complex relationship between Ireland and Britain.

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