Martin Carthy & Dave Burland 60th Anniversary Folk Concert

Martin Carthy & Dave Burland 60th Anniversary Folk Concert


21 May 2022


Martin Carthy & Dave Burland are two British folk music legends. Together on
stage, they celebrate 60 years of folk music in Barnsley, sharing songs and stories. 
For more than 50 years Martin Carthy has been one of folk music's greatest
innovators, one of its best loved, most enthusiastic and, at times, most quietly
controversial of figures. His skill, stage presence and natural charm have won him
many admirers, not only from within the folk scene, but also far beyond it.
Trailblazing musical partnerships with, amongst others, Steeleye Span, Dave
Swarbrick and his award-winning wife (Norma Waterson) and daughter Eliza
Carthy have resulted in more than 40 albums and 10 solo albums 
Along with Carthy, Dave Burland is one of the seminal influences of the British
folk music revival. Dave Burland co-founded Barnsley Folk Club in 1962. Burland,
a former policeman, became a stalwart of the UK folk scene, releasing a number
of solo albums, including his influential debut A Dalesman's Litany in 1971. The
rich, mellow tones of Dave Burland’s voice and his distinctive guitar style have
featured on over 50 albums and recordings alongside the likes of Richard
Thompson, Kate Rusby, Dick Gaughan, Bob Pegg, Nic Jones, Mike Harding,
Hedgehog Pie and The Albion Band. Burland now records and plays with his latest
band The Awkward Squad. 
They are supported by Barnsley born, Leeds based Serious Sam Barrett, who grew
up on a diet of Barnsley Folk Club regulars. This skateboarding, banjo wielding
musician’s songs rattle with the ghosts of Appalachian folk, and southern blues,
traditional English folk and Yorkshire DIY Punk.

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