Jane Hair: The Brontes Restyled

Jane Hair: The Brontes Restyled


24 March 2022


Haworth’s Hair & Beauty is open for business! Stylists Anne, Emily & Charlotte Bronte are back taking bookings for an evening of sibling rivalry and literary debate in Bradford’s most creative beauty salon where the sisters cut, colour and style whilst sharing their hopes and dreams.
Action unfolds over one explosive evening as the writers of Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre (and those other books you’ve not read either), find themselves on the cusp of huge success. But are The Brontes ready for global superstardom – and, more importantly – is the world ready for them as they really are – three warring, siblings from Keighley each with something different to say.
Whether you’re Team Charlotte, Team Emily or Team the other one (Anne, her name’s
Anne) this is an opportunity to meet our modern day versions of these three determined young women from Yorkshire who set the literary world on fire.
Written by Kirsty Smith and Kat Rose-Martin.

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