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Austen’s Women: LADY SUSAN

Austen’s Women: LADY SUSAN


18 April 2024


From the
award-winning creators of Austen’s Women, A Christmas Carol, I,
, Female Gothic, Christmas Gothic,and A
Room of One’s Own.

Austen’s Women
are back – in a brand-new show!  Devil-may-care Lady Susan, the coquettish
black widow, hunting down not one, but two, fortunes; oppressed, rebellious
daughter Frederica; long-suffering sister-in-law Catherine; family matriarch
Mrs De Courcy; and insouciant best friend, Alicia. 

Return to the
Regency (or rather, Georgian) in this darkly comic tale of society and the
women trapped within it; their struggles, their desires, their temptations and
manipulations – and at the vanguard, Lady Susan: charming, scheming, witty, and
powerful; taking on society and making it her own.  But has she met her

Based on Jane
Austen’s first full-length work from 1794, and created entirely from letters,
the piece is performed by Rebecca Vaughan and directed by Andrew

Created in
collaboration with The Old Town Hall, Hemel Hempstead.

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